About ElixEarth

We believe that microalgae truly have the potential to improve the quality of soil globally, while solving some of the world’s greatest issues in sustainability: from water quality to air quality, and ultimately global food security, since the vast benefits from the use of microalgae in agriculture stretch much further than the fields.

ElixEarth® soil amendment is proud to be Made in Texas, United States of America. #GoTexan

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ElixEarth® soil amendment is a polyculture of living microalgae cells. Our vertically integrated modules paired with our harvesting technology uses pulsed electric fields and gas flotation to deliver live, pure, clean, fresh, and chemical free cells in highly concentrated form. This leads to a superior living algae product whose benefit will expand across your entire operation.

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ElixEarth® Soil Amendment

ElixEarth soil amendment ® is safe for the environment and delivers living cells that perform important biological functions in soils, e.g., aeration through photosynthesis generating oxygen in soils, food source for non-photosynthesizing microbes, holding moisture in soils longer, making minerals and nutrients in soils more biologically available to the plants… The list goes on!

Crops Compatibility

Soil Health is directly correlated to Plant Health and Nutrition. Do you have Soil or Dirt? Soil is a living environment rich in nutrients and microbes while Dirt is dead soil. ElixEarth® soil amendment is a living blend of microalgae that regenerates the Dirt ecological system.

ElixEarth ® is beneficial for all soil types and can be applied at any time of plant growth or alternatively on fields, and fallow.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plant = Healthy produce.

*Tip: soaking seeds in ElixEarth® enhances germination and resilience.