SOILS Do More Than Just Grow Food and Get Your “Stuff” Dirty

Why do we have such negative connotations with the words “soil” and “dirt”?

  • If something is “soiled” it’s worthless or needs cleaning.
  • If something is “dirty” we go “ewww”…or “yuck”
  • Why does it have to be “dirt poor?”; can’t someone be “dirt rich?”
  • Why is someone a “dirty” scoundrel, thief, liar, etc.?
  • Fertile soils teem with microorganisms, which directly contribute to the biological fertility of that soil.
  • Biological fertility is under-studied and our scientific knowledge of it is incomplete.
  • In addition to fertility, soil microorganisms also play essential roles in the nutrient cycles that are fundamentally important to life on the planet.
  • In the past, agricultural practices have failed to promote healthy populations of microorganisms, limiting production yields and threatening sustainability.
  • Scientific research is exploring new and exciting possibilities for the restoration and promotion of healthy microbial populations in the soil.

Healthy Soil Microbes = Healthy Humans

Author – David Ramjohn, CEO – AlgEternal Technologies, LLC
Date – May 20, 2018


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  • Jay Janca

    I had an early opportunity to use Agtivate on my garden in the Fall of 2017, which was comprised of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kohlrabi, and Spinach. Due to time constraints and interest in the product, I applied only Agtivate to each plant or row of seed approximately 10 days after being planted. The early results of rapid growth, plant vigor, and plant size was evident throughout the growing period. Ultimately, the larger size of the produce along with the robust flavors/taste of the vegetables were unbelievable. I even had some of the broccoli produce 2 crowns simultaneously on the same plant!! I began to harvest the vegetables a week before Christmas and to my astonishment; the Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Spinach continued to produce more vegetables through early May. All from one application of Agtivate. The overall growth and production was truly amazing from beginning to end. So much in fact that neighbors, family, and onlookers visually noticed and visited the garden from time to time in astonishment. I am eagerly awaiting the Fall of 2018 to plant, and to watch Agtivate go to work for me again!!

  • Gary May

    I have seen remarkable results on irrigated corn in Colorado. A significant 20% increase on Corn yield and a 5% increase in Test weight was observed and documented here. We applied Algae at the root level through sub surface drip irrigation at a 1 gallon to 10 acre rate. ”—Gary May, May Farms, Colorado.

  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

    In 2017, [rice] plots treated with Agtivate alone yielded 979 lb/ac more on average than the non-treated check. In 2016 and 2015, plots treated with Agtivate alone yielded 447 lb/ac and 431 lb/ac more on average than the non-treated check respectively. Three consecutive years of data suggest that application of Agtivate could increase yield by more than 400 lb/ac compared to rice crops receiving 0 nitrogen fertilizer inputs. Data from the 2016 and 2017 trials suggest that the application of Agtivate in conjunction with significantly reduced rates of nitrogen fertilizer inputs may be a viable and cost reducing option as a rice fertility program.”—Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

  • Paul Strong, Wisconsin.

    After attempting to purchase some Agtivate online unsuccessfully, I sent an email to AlgEternal letting them know of the problem. Their CEO responded promptly, thanking me for letting them know of the issue and he offered to send me a free sample of Agtivate for my trouble. I accepted the offer and received the Agtivate, which I used on some raised beds on which I plant tomatoes. I’m 61 years old, planting since I’ve been 12 years old, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything work like Agtivate did on my tomatoes. I planted 6 tomato plants and they grew to be well over 5 feet tall and producing so many tomatoes that I could hardly keep up. I think companies like AlgEternal, with products like Agtivate, need to be supported and promoted. They are the real deal.”—Paul Strong, Wisconsin.

  • Anne Genson

    We got our soil test results…our treated plots needed nothing at all…everything else on the farm needed over 100 lbs of Nitrogen amongst other nutrient deficiencies.”—Anne Genson, Director of Community Building and Farm Operations, Bucking Horse CSA, Colorado.

  • Mark Hubbard

    I came across Agtivate a few years ago. I spray it once a week on my plants. I grow Cannabis, [I have all the legal paperwork to grow], and the result of this stuff on my plants was just phenomenal. In fact I had 22 plants growing at one time and Colorado Springs Narcotics Police were totally amazed…they asked to take pictures, not for evidence, but just because it was the best grow they have seen…they were just amazed about the lushness and the size of them and how green they were. Agtivate…that stuff is well worth the money…lasts a great long time…doesn’t take a whole lot for application, that’s what’s nice about it…but the results you’ll see almost immediately…and it’s also good for bugs I noticed….that they tend to stay away once the plant’s been sprayed. Again, this is a phenomenal product, I’d recommend it to anybody.”—Mark Hubbard, Cannabis Grower, Colorado.

  • David Karish, Texas

    I purchased a gallon of Agtivate at the Colorado Valley Independent Cattlemen’s Association Auction and Tradeshow in Ellinger earlier this year [2018]. I applied that gallon as directed to 10 acres of Tifton 85 and treated both this 10 acres and another 25 acres of Tifton 85 with the same nitrogen fertilizer blend and rates. On the other 25 acres I put another soil treatment, Medina Plus. I did the treatments of the whole 35 acres on the same day. The 10 acres of Agtivate-treated grass is now a good 6-8 inches taller than the other 25 acre patch and appear to taste better since my cows are happily grazing on the Agtivated grass! I’m truly impressed with Agtivate; best money I ever spent at a tradeshow!”—David Karisch, Texas.

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