About Agtivate


Agtivate™ is a blend of LIVING microalgae that effectively reconditions damaged soils: we offer a cure, not a treatment! Agtivate™ provides optimal plant growth conditions resulting in higher yields and quality while reducing farmer inputs. Agtivate™ also increases the plant’s resilience to stressful events and resistance to pests.

Our Technology

Agtivate™ is the most viable algal biologic on the market today for producers around the world. Our vertically integrated, local production paired with chemical free processing techniques allow us to provide Agtivate™ in the freshest form. This leads to a superior, living algae product whose benefits will expand across your entire operation.

Healthy Soils - Healthy Planet - Healthy Humans

Agtivate does not harm pollinators such as bees! and does not pollute surface and groundwater.

Agtivate displays natural pesticide characteristics and stimulates seed germination, plant growth, and reproduction for almost any plant.

Agtivate promotes nutrient uptake and enhances plant resistance and resilience, replaces harmful chemicals in farming and is sustainably produced in the USA.

Don’t treat your soil like dirt!

Healthy soils: retain water, prevent runoff of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, hold more carbon, grow healthier plants, support plants that support wildlife—food, habitats. Click the button below and learn about the role of algae in soil.

Our Vision

We believe that microalgae truly has the potential to improve the quality of soils globally while solving some of the world’s greatest issues in sustainability in the process; from water quality to air quality, and ultimately global food security, the vast benefits from the use of microalgae in agriculture stretch much further than the fields.

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